• Guru Parampara

    Guru Parampara

    Sri Vamana Thirtha Samsthana  Sri Shiroor Mutt


    Sanakadi Muni


    1. Sri Sri Vamana Thirtha ( 1249 A.D. – 1327 A.D.): 

     One of the eight direct disciples of  Jagadguru Sri   Madhwacharya. He was ordained as the first pontiff of the Sri Shiroor Mutt.


    2. Sri Sri  Vasudeva Thirtha ( 1327 A.D. -  1347 A.D.):  

     Having received the blessings of Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya, he was involved in the propagation of Dvaita philosophy through discourses and explanations of the Vedanta.  He brought to life a totally withered tree which eventually blossomed bearing flowers and fruits.


    3. Sri Sri Punyashloka Thirtha ( 1347 A.D. – 1365 A.D.): 

     With the blessings of Lord Mukyaprana he was famous for his revelations on the past and future events. 


    4. Sri Sri Veda Gamya Thirtha ( 1365 A.D. – 1387 A.D.): 

     He was well versed in all the four Vedas, Shadanga and 10 Upanishads. 


    5. Sri Sri  Veda Vyasa Thirtha ( 1387 A.D. – 1404 A.D.): 

     He was well versed in all aspects of Maha yoga. He was able to postulate on all matters relating to the past, taking place at present and the future course of events.


    6. Sri Sri Veda Vedya Thirtha (1404 A.D. – 1427 A.D.): 

     He was an authority on Gita Bhashya and Brahma Sutra Bhashya. 


    7. Sri  Sri Mahisha Thirtha (1427 A.D. – 1451 A.D.): 

     Being a great scholar he was known for his practice of austerity measures.


    8. Sri Sri Krishna Thirtha ( 1451 A.D. – 1467 A.D.): 

     He was an accomplished musician and was known for his interests in Music.It is a historical fact that when he was singing the Bhajans in praise of  Lord Krishna, sound of anklets and bracelets was heard. 


    9. Sri Sri Raghava Thirtha (1467 A.D. – 1484 A.D.): 

     He was a Maha Tapasvi with thorough knowledge of the Vedas. He was known for his pious nature and his socio- religious programmes.


    10. Sri Sri Suresh Thirtha ( 1484 A.D. – 1507 A.D.): 

     He was an erudite  scholar and the mutt was a seat of learning during his tenure.


    11.  Sri Sri Veda Bhushana Thirtha ( 1507 A.D. – 1523 A.D.): 

     Continuing the good work of his predecessor, he was instrumental in propagating the  Dvaita philosophy to greater heights.


    12.  Sri Sri Srinivas Thirtha ( 1523 A.D. – 1547 A.D.) : 

     An outstanding authority on the Sri Nyaya Sudha, he completely dedicated himself to conducting discourses on the same throughout his tenure.


    13.  Sri Sri Veda Nidhi Thirtha (1547 A.D. – 1572 A.D.): 

     He is remembered for his  critical analysis of the Gita Bhashya which is considered to be an exemplary work in literature.


    14.  Sri Sri Sridhar Thirtha (1572 A.D. – 1592 A.D.) : 

     He had mastered the sacred Srikara Manthra . Further he composed the Sri Krishna Leela in poetic form. 


    15.  Sri Sri Yadavothama Thirtha ( 1592 A.D. – 1611 A.D): 

     A top scholar in Vedanta, he was well known for his deliberations on the Dvaita philosophy. He was widely acclaimed after he  conquered the Kasi Pandits  in a debate following which he was conferred with  a “Pandit”.


    16.  Sri Sri Raghavothama Thirtha (1611 A.D. – 1632 A.D.): 

     His tenure is remembered for the pomp and glory with which the worship of Lord Sri Vittla and Lord Sri Krishna were being carried out.


    17.  Sri Sri Laxmi Narayana Thirtha ( 1632 A.D. – 1650 A.D.): 

     Being a leading scholar himself, he was involved in religious discourses and patronizing of scholars from all over the country.


    18.  Sri Sri Vishwa Bhushana Thirtha ( 1650 A.D – 1672 A.D.): 

     An authority on Vedanta and the Upanisahads, he was known to be a great teacher and had a large following of disciples.


    19.  Sri Sri Laxmikanta Thirtha ( 1672 A.D. – 1677 A.D.): 

     Though he had a short tenure he had won the hearts of the people for his pious and tender nature.


    20.  Sri Sri Laxmi Narayana Thirtha (1677 A.D.- 1704 A.D.): 

     He was a great philosopher and headed Mutt affairs for a period of 27 years.


    21.  Sri Sri Laxmipathi Thirtha ( 1704 A.D. -1720 A.D.): 

     He is remembered for  the Padayatras he undertook to propgate the Dvaita philosophy. During one of the padayatra he halted at a place called Papuje where in a dream he had the vision of Sri Venu Gopala Krishna playing the Flute. In the vision he was informed that under the nearby ant-hill a statue of Venu Gopal Krishna was available. Next morning arrangements were made to dig the ant-hill and the statue was found. The Papuje Mutt was established by him in this place. 


    22.  Sri Sri Laxmidhara Thirtha ( 1720 A.D. – 1735 A.D.): 

     He was the  brother of the pontiff  of Sri Puttige Mutt. He headed the Mutt for 15 years.


    23.  Sri Sri Laxmi Ramana Thirtha ( 1735 A.D. – 1781 A.D.): 

     It is said that when he was in his infancy a cobra sneaked into his cradle. He was found  playing with it which was witnessed by many. Being a highly revered Swamiji, the Muut was granted the Villages of Shiroor, Santyaar and Shivapura in the Udupi District,by Mudradi  Ananthayya who was then the Diwan of Nagara. He then established the now famous Sri Shiroor Moola Mutt at Shiroor.


    24.  Sri Sri Laxmi Manohar Thirtha ( 1781 A.D. – 1819 A.D.): 

     He is remembered for having  renovated the Shiroor Mutt and also for his developmental activities in and around the Shiroor village.


    25.  Sri Sri Laxmi Priya Thirtha (1819 A.D. – 1829 A.D.): 

     He is remembered is propagation of the Dvaita philosophy as he traveled around the length and breadth of the country delivering sermons and spreading the teachings of Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya.


    26.  Sri Sri Laxmi Vallabha Thirtha ( 1828 A.D. – 1886 A.D.): 

     He was a disciple of the then pontiif of Sri Krishnapura Mutt. He was a Maha Tapasvi. He performed the Vishnu Panchaka 5 times, the Bhagavata Saptaha once and the Suda Mangala thrice.On a  Dwadashi Tithi ,whilst engaged in Puja and offering Aarthi, his devotees saw him leave his body and attain Samadhi. 


    27.  Sri Sri Laxmi Samudra Thirtha 1886 A.D. – 1926 A.D.): 

     He offered the   Garuda Rath (medium size) to Sri Krishna  Mutt and also had the Bhojana Shale ( Dining Hall) built. He installed a statue of Lord Sri Mukhyaprana at the Bhojana Shale. He also renovated the Papuje Mutt.


    28.  Sri Sri Laxmindra Thirtha (1926 A.D. – 1963.A..D ): 

     He was born in 1907 (Plavanga Samathsara Vaishaka Shukla 12). He was given Diksha by Sri Vishvendra Thirtha in 1916 A.D. (Nala Samathsara Ashwija Bahula 5). He was tutored by Satyadhava Thirtha of Uttaradi Mutt. His first Paryaya was from 1930 A.D.to1932 A.D.. He founded  a primary school in Shiroor village for free education to students. In 1939 A.D.  He also established a mutt in Mulky, Dakshina Kannada District and the  Gopalapura Mutt was established. In 1940 A.D., Dwaitha Darshana and Siddanta were translated into Kannada.


     The entire Sri Shiroor  Mutt was renovated. Six chapters of Bhagavad    Gita were critically analyzed by him in his Gita Darshana. In 1946 A.D., during his 2nd Paryaya, Sutra Mala Grantha was released. He also built the Vasantha Mantapa at the Sri Krishna Mutt


    29. Sri Sri Laxmi Manojnya Thirtha (  1963 A.D. – 1971 A.D.): 

     He offered great patronage to  all forms of arts, music, painting, literary and sculpture. In 1963 A.D., Krishna Dharma Chathra was built and handed over to the Sri Krishna Mutt. This was considered and is still remembered as the Golden Era of culture and literature.


    30.  Sri Sri Laxmivara Thirtha Swamiji ( 1971 A.D. to  date):

    He is the present pontiff. He was born to Sri Vittala Acharya and Smt Kusumamma on June 8, 1964 at Madamakki in Kundapura Taluk (krodi Samathsara Vyshaka Bahula 13). He attained Sanyasa Diksha by Sri Sri Vishwothama Thirtha of Sri Sode Mutt in 1971, on July 2. He studied Veda from Kodangala Sri Anantha Ramacharya. He was constantly guided under the tutelage of Sri Sri Vishwothama Thirtha. He also was guided by Sri Narayana Tantri, Adde Sri Vedavyasa Acharya and Alevoor Sri Seetharam Acharya. He is also been a disciple of  Sri Vidyasagara Thirtha of Krishnapura Mutt and Sri Satya Pramoda Thirtha of Sri Uttaradi Mutt.